Circle B Ranch
Hereford cross cattle
At the Circle B, we strive to raise quality
Hereford cattle that are good mothers,
easy to handle, and put quality, fast
growing calves on the ground year after

We are breeding our Hereford mothers to a
1/2 Angus, 1/2 Simmental bull that we
acquired from Harwood Cattle Co.  We are
putting some nice black baldies on the
ground.  Give us a call to come and check
out these nice 3 way cross calves.
One of our calves born in the pasture.
Some of the other black baldie calves, with their mommas.
Calves are born out in the pasture, and at a few days old, they are castrated, ear tagged, and given a selenium shot.
Here are a few pictures from our 2010 calf branding.  Calves were branded with
the Circle B, electronic ear tagged, and vaccinated to prepare them for fall
marketing.  Special thanks to all that helped, we had a great day with good food,
and great company.
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